Portal Inquiries

If you are one of Lowe’s employees currently and have access to the MyLowesLife employee login portal, here are some answers to common queries raised. Have a look to get your queries solved.

How do I look for new jobs at the MyLowesLife Login portal?

If you are not currently working for the company, but are interested in a career at Lowe’s, the best thing to do is visit the job openings section at www.myloweslife.com login portal.

On this portal, you can look out for several jobs, job categories, or even by keyword. When you find a job to apply for, view the relevant job description, and click on Apply Now tab.

How to register privately in MyLowesLife Login?

If you already are a Lowe employee, you are eligible to apply for internships by registering with one of the MyLowesLife employment services sections.

Now, go to “Start” and click on the “Career Opportunities” tab. You can find the registration link in the same area on the left.

Y can also take assistance from the Lowe search agents that are authorized to send you an email notification when a job posting appears in the company.

As a former employee, how do I get my pay stubs from Lowe?

All the current employees can inspect pay stubs in MyLowesLife, however, this option is not accessible to former employees directly at www.myloweslife.com login portal.

If you are in such a situation, you should call Lowe’s delivery number and then speak to the Human Resources team. They are able to email you all the requested payment receipts.

You can contact them at 1-844-HRLOWES.

How to view Leo’s pension plans?

To view data about retirement plans, visit the www.myloweslife.com login portal and use the registration form on the left.

Above the registration form, there should be an option whereby you have to enter identification details to view relevant data.