MyLowesLife Login

The Lowes Life website is the best way to access work-related data and information on one page. Employees can quickly access various work parameters with a few manageable steps.

The MyLowesLife Login portal accessible at has made several work tasks more comfortable for employees to work under the business parasol.

Official Portal or Take Help

Employees can continue to receive benefits from the company by registering on the website. Also, employees can check their work hours and weekly schedule at the MyLowesLife Login portal.

Current and even former employees can access the My Lowe’s Life employee portal at With the help of this official platform, all employees have the benefit of managing tasks online.

How To Access MyLowesLife Login Portal?

The MyLowesLife login page is intended for current & former employees particularly. Everyone accesses the employee portal by logging in individually.

Login Steps For Current Employees

  • Visit the official online portal at
  • A login dialog appears when the site opens.
  • The current employee has to enter the user ID in the sales number section. Afterward, enter the account password in the subsequent section.
  • Now tap on the Login button to get access to the employee portal and the services provided online at Here all the employee details will be shown simultaneously.
  • The primary dashboard includes all the relevant data for the current employees.

Login Steps For Former Employees

  • Visit the Lowe employee login portal at
  • The page opens and there is a former employee tab with a link on the right side of the login section. The section is texted with “You are a former Lowe employee.” Click on this tab to proceed.
  • After redirecting to the former employee’s login section, one is asked about the relationship and work details with the corporation.
  • Once all the details have been entered accurately, the former employee will be redirected to the homepage, where they can access the offered services.
  • Former employees of Lowe’s can continue to benefit from the services.

With the My Lowe’s Life employee login account, all the new, current & former employees have one organizational portal to access their data, inclusive of job-time scheduling, email reviews & updates, performance management tactics, and even the job evaluations.

The portal also consists of perks like retirement plans, employee details, and some other HR prospect details. An employee may want to move from the current job to one that matches interests and therefore one can apply for the subsequent position through the MyLowesLife Login portal.

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